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I love people, all sorts of unique characters and one of my favorite things to do is document human emotion and joy. This lead me to wedding photography. I am inspired by human eccentricity and revel in the details of individuality. I have years of life experience, the best equipment money can buy and a strong desire to make your wedding day the best told visual story ever!!

If you are looking for the conventional wedding photographer, that definitely isn't me. If you are searching for a detail oriented, visually captivating story teller, I'm your girl! I am very easy to work with and am very available to hear your personal vision for your wedding photography. I will always give you my best, that I can promise! I offer a FREE engagement session with every wedding package. I think it is important that we spend a day together before your BIG day, break the ice, get comfortable with each other.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I have an eclectic view of life and it manifests very clearly in my art and the way I portray your special day.

I will never "should" you, I will never judge you. I will go with whatever your flow, your vision, your desire is.

I am your humble artist with a camera as my paintbrush and your wedding is my canvas for the day.

"Our wedding day could not have been more special, and we both owe a debt of gratitude to our wonderful photographer, Jade Turgel. As an bride from the East Coast, getting married on the West Coast, I had limited time to think about wedding logistics. Jade was there at every turn, taking magical photos that captured our day beautifully, offering professional guidance, and shepherding us through our day. Jade was able to use technology to make our process even easier – offering to moderate a pinterest page filled with photography ideas, and ensuring that even my craziest ideas (wedding party on a tractor!, jumping on a bed!) became beautiful realities. With a large wedding party and an even bigger family, Jade took time to ensure that special photographs weren’t missed — I will treasure the photos of my grandmother forever. We are so thankful for Jade and her team. Our wedding was spectacular a result!"

Free engagement session to anyone who books with me until the new year!

Examples of my work

I have shot a beautiful mountain wedding on top of a ladybug nest, ladybugs were literally swarming all over me while I was shooting the sweetest ceremony!

Hindu and Muslim, African spiritual to Bohemian musicians that sang songs to each other well into the night!

I have been to many wild, wonderful and beautiful celebrations of two humans committing to each other for life, looking forward to being with you on your unique day!

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