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Who are we? F+D. A couple of lovers who fell in love with wedding documentation & art. If you had to tick the box for wedding photography, we would tick to the left every single time. Why? Because we aren't the cookie cutter types (unless of course its a Darth Vader & Stormtrooper cookie cutter, then we own it.)

Whilst we tend to cart a house full of traditional and digital geek age gear with us, our style is so relaxed, candid. We spend most of the day just capturing the vibe, mood, emotion, the same way we capture music festivals, just hanging out in the background documenting the day as it unfolds. Portraits however are about art! Sure we want those candid, sneaky kiss moments but we also want to create pieces that are fit for a gallery. WeddingART.

I (Flick) shoot with a range of analogue 35mm film cameras, instant cameras, medium format, and even some old secondhand cameras I have found covered in dust at auctions. I use a range of film at each wedding and hand develop most of my films. Its a technology that I feel needs to be used and passed on to generations to come. I am so passionate about the origins of our industry. Personality wise; well, I'm just a rockabilly mumma with an obsession with ink, vinyl, baking cakes, and '90s TV.

Dave is a total tech head geek! He even wears Darth Vader xmas jumpers (when its not xmas). He is a bit of a bearded rebel without a cause unless it contains petrol, then he is all over its shiny surfaces. Photography-minded, he loves to experiment. His belief is that no matter how heavy the gear is, no matter how high the mountain is, no matter how bad the weather is, the shot is worth it every single time. He loves to document the party vibe, hang out candidly documenting the preparations and even sheds a little secret tear at every, single, ceremony.

We run our business from our hobby farm in Tasmania, Australia where we raise our 5 kids, attempt to grow some produce, and raise chickens. But hey, we travel everywhere and anywhere to capture the right wedding. And of course we are both accredited by the AIPP (Australian Institute of Photography).

I could type all day, and talk for longer, share a pale ale with me and I'm your best friend. We just love what we do and do what we love. How lucky are we?

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Ill just leave this here:


And if that wasn't enough… We are just us, doing what we love. Were far from mainstream, our work is far from mainstream, we are artists who have chosen wedding photography as our art journey. We cater to to alternative, to the couple who don't want the standard photography package, to the couple who want to show off their style, and to the couple who love fun.

"Flick + Dave, one word AMAZING! They're unique vibe & skills complimented our 'vintage Rock n Roll' wedding to a tee! We were so blessed to have them as part of our day, having 2 photographers meant all the quirky moments of our day were captured! Couldn't be more thankful." – April & Brett

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