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 First & Bloom

First & Bloom is a Seattle-area based florist specializing in local and sustainable flowers. We only source flowers grown by yours truly, the American farmer! Reducing our carbon footprint in the world is a big deal, so we incorporate as many green-friendly practices as possible. This means no toxic floral foam!

Our designs are intentionally unique and asymmetrical. You’ll find no cookie-cutter bouquets here! Inspiration is drawn from the outdoors and anything repurposed. We might incorporate branches, moss, antlers, seedpods, even deeply personal items like the vintage button from grandma’s clutch.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

When first meeting a couple, all the basic questions are asked. How many? Where? When? And of course, how much? No doubt, they are important questions.

However, the true inspiration begins when the couple starts telling their story. Maybe she tried to set him up with another friend but had a change of heart. Maybe they met in Vegas and soon a cross-country relationship blossomed into a lifetime love story. Perhaps she arrived in her life when it was most inconvenient.

Every couple has a story, and we love romantic tear-jerkers! It’s within these little personal details where the flowers bloom. Perhaps the color was inspired from a memorable sunset seen together on vacation. Maybe it’s her favorite color or the flower he arrived with on your doorstep. It could be anything, and that’s what makes the wedding flowers entirely unique and a representation of the couples own story.

Examples of my work

First & Bloom also fills day to day orders from Happy Birthday to I'm sorry! We source fresh cut flowers and living plants like orchids and succulents. Deliveries are available Monday through Saturday in Issaquah, Sammamish, Bellevue, Snoqualmie, Kirkland, Newcastle, and parts of Seattle.

First & Bloom works out of a private-studio which is not open to the public. Sorry about this, but please call with any questions.

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