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Ethical Jewellery Australia is an online custom made engagement, commitment and wedding ring company. We have been hand making rings (and sometimes non rings) since 2007.

We don’t favour one particular style, all of our designs are customer driven. From minimalist, to bling – vintage to classic to modern to just a bit ‘out there’ – if it can be handmade, we will make it for you. All of the pieces are handmade in Australia with responsibly recycled metals (18 carat white, yellow and rose gold, palladium and platinum).

The company was created by Melinda Nugent (Gemmologist/Designer) in response to learning about exploitation in the diamond and gem industry and the destructiveness of gold mining. To that end, she (and her partner Benn Harvey-Walker) have built a business that sources traceable diamonds (from Australia and Canada) and gemstones (Fair Trade and Fair Made) that have been ethically processed. Also available is Moissanite, other synthetic gems, recycled diamonds (sometimes recycled gemstones).
The other thing that is important to us is time. Taking the time to create exactly what you want. We pay attention to what you want and we help to demystify the process and guide you through it step by step. We can give you the attention that you need to create your perfect ring.

For those who can’t imagine designing an engagement ring for someone else, we offer an alternative – ‘The Promised Ring’. You buy the diamond/s or gem/s and an ingot of metal to present to your partner. This does remove the angst for some and is quite a popular alternative to ordering a finished piece.

Our customer base is predominantly Australian, however, we have worked with people in New Zealand and the US in the past and could consider doing so again.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

At Ethical Jewellery Australia we work with people in love. We do not judge relationships, budgets or personal style. Our mission is to create a great experience and to manufacture rings made with ethically sourced diamonds, gems and (recycled) metals. We want happy customers who feel supported in their love story. If we can make what you want – then we will make it happen.

"I have nothing but praise for EJA. Melinda provided the most personalized and professional service based on respect and integrity. Our rings are impeccable (thank you Ferdinand!) and are truly a unique work of art! We couldn’t be happier!" – Lauren Terrill NSW

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