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The Equalli team pride themselves on sourcing dynamic, breathtaking sapphires in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way. Our commitment and passion for respect and equality start with the gemstones we mine and extend all the way to the clients we cater to.

Equalli has been at the forefront of marriage equality since our inception. Our flagship collection, The Rainbow Pride Collection, is one of our most popular. We love it since it brings together sapphires in every color of the rainbow to deliver a message of unity, equality and a hope for the future.

We’re happy to have other long-term collections, such as our Equalli at Night collection that pairs deep black sapphires against silver settings. Our Equalli Pink collection on the other hand, uses brilliant pink tourmaline to create stunning rings and pendants in the spirit of the Pink Triangle that has become a rallying icon for the LGBT community.

We also offer fully customizable ordering. Clients are invited to work directly with our team to build on an existing style in the Equalli catalog or to create something truly unique.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

When it comes to creating our sapphire pendants, wedding rings and earring Equalli is committed to sustainability and respect at every stage of the process. We begin by working with the local community when we mine these precious gemstones. We work with the community to create local jobs and to make connections with native artisans who know exactly what to do in order to bring out the natural beauty in these stones.

We go to such great pains when it comes to mining, polishing and setting our stones because we do everything with your clients in mind. Equalli has been a champion of LGBT rights and marriage equality since we began working in the business. It’s in our name because it’s in our blood – equality is a passion.

Our clients not only receive the best gemstones from the heart of Australia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Thailand, USA, Sri Lanks they also get customer service like nothing else in the business. We offer free sipping worldwide and a straight forward, no fine print lifetime guarantee. If a setting breaks on a pendant or a sapphire falls out of a ring setting, return it to Equalli and we’ll make it right. We offer customers free return shipping where our team will then examine, repair and clean your piece of jewelry before sending it back as good as new.

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Examples of my work

The Rainbow Pride Collection – This is our most popular collection. The Rainbow Pride collection uses sapphires sources from two dozen different mines to create exquisite jewelry. This collection is home to engagement and wedding rings, such as our Amsterdam or Las Vegas rings as well as dynamic stand-alone pieces such as the Seattle Ring in Sterling Silver and the striking 20 carat Chelsea Round cut bracelet.

Matched Wedding Sets – We build matched wedding rings with LGBT couples in mind. That means sets that harness classic style with a modern touch. The Prosymnus set boasts an identical geometric design on each ring while the Zeus Wedding set incorporates 22 stunning diamonds to create a brilliant complementary set.

Equalli at Night – The Equalli at Night Collection pays homage to Art Deco. Each piece pairs deep black spinel gemstones set in sterling silver. The simple pairing results in stunning pieces such as our Manhattan at Night ring and Le Marais at Night Pendant.


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