Epic Couples

Your marriage is the most important relationship you’ll ever create in your life. Yet no teaches you how to be good at this stuff.

Epic Couples is a pre-marriage coaching program that helps you become co-founders of an incredible life together. We've hacked the science of relationships into practical steps so you can easily learn the habits and practices of happily married couples.

We offer online salons and personalized coaching sessions to help you learn the core skills for lifelong love, including:

How to coach each other for career success
How to fight fair
How to navigate household roles
How to skillfully approach money
How to be a great lover
How to create a meaningful partnership

Our salons and coaching sessions are playful and informative, with proven techniques to bump up your relationship intelligence quickly.

We also offer guidance on how to craft an epic ceremony and how to write your own wedding vows.

To boot, all of our salons and coaching packages are designed and priced for cash-conscious, time-strapped brides and grooms. We want to help you become the most epic you be for each other in the most effective way possible. Because love is worth it!!!

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

When you look at truly epic couples today, you’ll see that they view partnership as a courageous means for personal growth. They challenge and encourage each other to be the best possible version of themselves. They see their partner as teacher. They understand each other’s weaknesses and see their differences as strengths.

Offbeat Brides and Grooms know this. They are looking to create a conscious partnership that reflects their unique backgrounds and perspectives. Not every couple who gets married comes with this desire. As such, it is an honor to cater to and serve this community.

In our coaching sessions, we provide a unique and personalized approach to each couple. We tailor our sessions towards your specific needs and vision for your future together.

We look forward to connecting!

Offbeat Brides receive a 5% discount on our "Preparing for an Epic Marriage" coaching package. This package includes:
* An initial 30-minute consultation to learn about your vision and needs as a couple
* 3 personalized sessions (1-hour each) tailored for couples preparing to marry.
* Guidance on how to craft an epic ceremony and write kick-ass wedding vows

Examples of my work

To get an idea of some of the work we do together, here are some examples:


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$$ budget
$$$ midrange
$$$$ upscale
$$$$$ luxury