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e.m.papers offers DIY printable wedding invitation and paper good templates. Each template is a PDF form which you can personalize and print at home (or at a copy shop). I leveraged my skill as a professional graphic designer to "scratch my own itch" and produce wedding invitations, thank you notes, save the dates, escort cards for my own two weddings (to the same guy in two different countries) I refined my products through this process, along with helping some of my girlfriends with their weddings. The templates and designs are "by a bride for brides."

There is no reason you can't have fabulous paper goods for your wedding without spending a ridiculous amount of money or getting bogged down in some sort of impossible craft project trying to replicate "easy" DIY projects that an army of professional stylists have produced for a glossy feature. My wedding invitations and kits are cost effective, not just because they are printables, but because I consider ink usage in the design. They are also easy to produce, just enter your personal details in the fields, print and cut. It's sort of like filling out a tax form, but a lot more fun.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I consider myself "half-assed" crafty — I like to make things myself, but only if it is straightforward and easy. I saw for myself and believe that there is a lot you can do with some smart design, a pack of plain white card stock, and an ancient HP 960c ink jet printer.

That’s how I put all of these items together, with a lot of trial and error for events that were important and meaningful to me or my friends. With every design I ask myself, "Would I use these for my own wedding?" If the answer is no, I revisit it.

Options to customize colors and make minor design tweaks are available for all of my templates. I work individually with each client and do my utmost to make sure you are totally happy and satisfied with your order. So far, so good.

"These printed up beautifully and were super easy to use! We've gotten loads of compliments on them :)"

"I was overjoyed when I saw e.m.papers designs — so beautiful, but not fussy or overdone like everything else I had seen. The PDFs were easy to use, easy to print, amazingly priced, and made a stunning product. I would recommend e.m.papers to anyone/everyone. Thank you!"

"These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We used most of the templates in this style for our wedding. We had great customer service and the design went great with our art deco style wedding! Thank you E.M. Papers!"

Examples of my work

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