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"Elemental Alchemy" – New Launched Range by Izzy Ivy Bridal (Zizzyfay)

Ethereal organza, Sumptuous Raw Silks and Flowing soft cottons synergised with a subtle twist of vegetarian leather detailing, embellished with antique style chains and studs. Ethically constructed from natural fibres, petite to plus size and available worldwide.

"Inspired by the realm of white magic, the lotus flower, and of beings that reside between worlds … these pieces celebrate the feminine – elegant and graceful but with twist of something wyld and empowered. The flow of the peacock feather, the shimmer of the dragonfly wing, and the alchemy of all the Elements that make up the natural world … The betwixed in-between state of fully being in this moment, experiencing the beauty, awe and wonder of the ceremonial space you are about to step in to…"

These elegant and affordable wedding gowns are made up of flattering "Elements" that seamlessly create the full effect. Starting with the main dress, various underskirts, petticoats and crinolines alchemise this gown. Sleeves or cuffs embellish the arms and a range of different under-bust corsets or waistcoats adorn the torso. Wings can be added and some of the designs incorporate oversized hoods.

This allows you to transform your wedding dress in to a party dress or change aspects of your outfit such as the accented colour throughout your special day …you can dress down the separate elements to wear them again — who says you can only wear you wedding dress once?

Available in a range of fairy tale, oceanic and earthly colours, as well as richer shades such as black and red. Custom colours are available.

We also create matching bridesmaids dresses.

For a truly unique gown, to bring out the divinity within, and shine on your magickal day

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Influenced by open minded brides-to-be and their frustrations at finding the perfect dress that is just a little bit different and by the fact that such a special outfit would only ever be worn once, I started designing wedding Dresses that were composed of a range of elements that could be combined in different ways, for different styles, climates and body shapes.

I am passionate about ensuring all Brides feel like the goddess they are on their wedding day,
Either myself one one of my Faery helpers will assist you to create your dream dress to your exact measurements, in your favourite colours, with the cuts and shapes that best enhance your natural beauty. measurements are very strait forward and easy to follow with our detailed guides, colour swatch samples can be sent, help will be at hand if and when you need it. The dresses are designed to be quite adjustable, and in the rare case any adjustments need to be made, the way the dresses are created allows for this to be done easily with a local tailor.

This allows us to ships worldwide and offer beautiful wedding dresses ranging from just US$ 500 -1200.

It takes 3-4 weeks to create your dress but we recommend extra time for all the fun you can have creating your perfect dress.

As much as I have been successfully selling wedding dresses online for the past 8 years, with all customers extremely happy with the results, I also understand Brides-to-be do also like to have the full experience of directly engaging with the creations, therefore …

I will be looking to open Bridal Alchemy ‘Labs’ Where you can design your gown by combining the different ‘Elements’. Starting in Melbourne, Sydney and Byron bay, but as the creations are sent worldwide, I will be looking to extend this internationally, if you are interested in the opportunity to offer this service, please do get in touch.
This will be a place where you can have your measurements taken, see samples of these magical gowns and check out different colour swatches, including trying different dresses/Elements for the best possible effect.

"Have just received my wedding outfit in the post. The stitching is brilliant, the attention to detail, the crystal points, the weight of the fabric and a perfect fit… it all looks stunning! Thank you so much!"
–Susan Ealding

Examples of my work

Enjoy stepping in to the realm of Izzy Ivy’s ‘Elemental Alchemy’ and explore the website

Check out photos of these design below, as it is only just launched I currently only have the one colour scheme modeled, however — watch this space.

You can also view Izzy’s earlier Range, including past customer photographs for Zizzyfay Bridal here


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