vinyl. records. wax. LPs. Call them what you will, there's something about the warm crackly sound of vinyl records through a big old amp that fills the room with something unique and nostalgic. It puts a smile on people's faces to see me rifling through a crate of LPs trying to find that one amazing remixed B-side that I know will be perfect for the next song to keep the crowd moving. from the motown sound to a tribe called quest, and all of the french pop/disco/afro-boogie/girl groups/dancehall in between, my collection is curated especially for each and every event with the purest intentions of inspiring a really sweaty dance party.


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Photo and video credits: Heidi Benjamin, Jayd Gardina, and Michael Giordino

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I'm not your run-of-the-mill wedding DJ, and my clients are not run-of-the-mill couples! I use my degree in music history along with analog equipment and vinyl records to bring my clients and their guests a thoughtfully curated night of music with a unique sound and look. I create a musical experience that is at the same time old and new, rare and familiar, retro and modern, and I let the music take the lead, without hiding behind flashy lights and loud emceeing.

"DJ Ali is absolutely amazing! From entrance music to the ceremony, to dinner and cocktail hour, she made the whole evening so incredibly special. She was open to collaboration but really shone when we just let her do her thing. She started out the evening with lots of easy crowd-pleasers (Jackson 5, Motown and others) and was so great about reading the crowd and getting everyone up out of their seats to dance. By the end of the night we were dancing to '90s hip hop and some newer hip hop/pop music. Absolutely nothing about her playlist felt tired or boring or conventional, but it was all accessible music that our friends and family loved. We have already had a friend talk about flying her down for a wedding in Florida – she's that good." -Amy S

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