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If you know one thing about weddings it’s that they are expensive. Our creative studio & prop shoppe will show you how to plan, organize and execute a DIY wedding so that you can avoid a large price tag and host a beautiful day to be proud of.

  • Learn how to plan, organize & execute your wedding using the same tools as the pro's
  • Rent specialty decor at an affordable price
  • Take creative DIY workshops and learn from an expert
  • Swap advise and get hands-on help from our community of DIY brides
  • Find local Vendors in your price range

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

As a long time supporter of DIY and on numerous occasions (seven!) a sleepless bridesmaid, I have spent a lot of time teaching myself how to organize and run a wedding with minimal hired help. And I have learned something new every time! Professional assistance is wonderful and if you can afford it I highly recommend that you hire. However, this is a convenience that some either can't afford or just can't justify paying. If this sounds like you then you'll do the next best thing, you'll do it yourself. And you go, girl!

Here, affordable is not a bad word and you will never be shamed for DIYing. Grab your bridesmaids and get ready to work. It takes the whole village and we'll help you make the process fun.

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