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Every photographer has a real strength – a superpower, if you will. Mine is making people look their best. Beautiful. Happy and natural and authentic. There is no formula for this. It's just a matter of how I see humans. Plus, I love weddings (as a lesbian, I have a soft spot for LGBTQ weddings of all stripes).

Weddings are an interesting challenge and a fun puzzle for us photographers. I love to figure out relationships and make them real. I love to understand the dynamics of the couple and get that to shine in the photos. Every wedding is a living, breathing labor of love for me, not a canned series of clichés.

I like simple compositions, warm, natural light, and honest expressions of love and joy in my photos. I also like to sneak in a little grit sometimes – movement, grain, tears, and eye-squinting laughter.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

When I got married, it truly dawned on me how important it is to an LGBTQ couple to have a photographer who gets it. Your photographer is with you the entire wedding day. You want someone who looks through the camera at your love and sees only the beauty there, and not their own hang ups.

All non-traditional couples and weddings deserve an open, friendly presence and I love being that for my couples!

"There are so many photos we love of the wedding that we are struggling to decide which ones to enlarge and put up! We truly loved working with Darry and cannot wait to have her photograph our future milestones.” – Alina and Chris

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