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Conscious Burlesque

Conscious Burlesque® is a dance modality that helps people fire up their inner spark, evoke their sensual nature, and explore their hidden shadows. This practice allows people to find parts of themselves that have been hidden or missing for some time. Through intimate, transformative processes, individualized attention from Madame Merci and sacred performance people discover what has been missing – their innate fire.

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Enhance your event with a unique twist your guests won’t forget!

  • Book the Boulder Burlesque to perform at your engagement party, Bachelor or Bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, or even your reception!
  • If you’d rather be the one shaking it, book a two-hour private burlesque party for you and your entourage. Explore the art of the strip tease and learn a sexy dance routine!
  • For those less inclined to dance, book a pole party! Spin your way into euphoria! No experience required.
  • Wanting to give your new spouse an intimate gift to celebrate your nuptials? One on one coaching is available to choreograph a tantalizing erotic treat for your “spouse’s eyes only” on your honeymoon.
  • Just want to dip your toes in? Check out The Online Conscious Burlesque® Class. You can practice the art of Conscious Burlesque® from the comfort of your own home!

Madame Merci will work with you to embody the vision you have for your event!

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Examples of my work

Check out the Boulder Burlesque Facebook page to get a feel for past and upcoming events! Read Madame Merci's blog to gain some insight into what this conscious burlesque movement is all about.

Also on the website, you can find reviews from past clientele like the following:

"By showing my body to others in a way that allows me to express those attributes I thought I should hide, I feel a new freedom. I am blooming. I am showing my true colors, and it feels wonderful. It’s about allowing myself to shine and giving others the permission to do the same. Thank you, Madame Merci, for the joyous gift you’ve allowed me to safely unwrap. " – Bloomin' Bad, Workshop Attendee

"In the weeks after, I watched dozens of YouTube videos of 'regular' burlesque, and attended a live show in Boulder. Fun. Interesting. I get it. 'Regular' burlesque is a jocose risqué parody that revels in sexuality in the numerous places where our society is typically prudish. As such, it does us a great service. Last night I attended my second show of conscious burlesque. It sizzled. I found it even more satisfying than 'regular' burlesque. It wasn’t just gorgeous booty. It is a story of human psyche, of love gained and love lost. "
– Paul Paiva
M.Div., M.A., CoCreative Journeys

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