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Carolyn Scott Photography for @offbeatbride

Hey there! We're Carolyn and Geoff: a very serious husband and wife wedding photography team. Serious about photographing your rings on little plastic dinosaurs. Serious about our willingness to bust out Little Kicks dance moves at your reception. Serious about showing you our favorite cat videos on Youtube during our initial consultation.

But most of all, we're serious about making sure you have stellar wedding photographs that make your grandma cry, your mom proud, your friends jealous, and leave you with nothing but fist pumps and high-fives (and a print release).

Together we're Carolyn Scott Photography, and don't worry, we've got this. Whether it's helping you put on your boutonniere, bustling your dress or teaching your flower girl about depth of field (true story), we'll be prepared and helpful. You're with your wedding photographer more than anyone else on your wedding day (possibly even more than your new spouse), so you better pick someone who's good at carrying your flowers in one hand and defending you from a zombie attack with the other (we've beaten all the Resident Evil games).

We'd like to describe ourselves as documentary-style with a dash of portraits and a hint of "not boring." We like chill weddings with cool couples who love and respect each other as well as what we do. We really want you to be excited about your wedding photography (and wedding photographers!) and look forward to passing down that dinosaur ring shot to your grandkids. Most of our friends in North Carolina are former clients who now come over to drink mojitos and play Rock Band with us, and that's how we like it.

So if you feel like you're up for the excessive amount of high-fives you'll soon be receiving (and the cat videos you might be watching), please feel free to browse our website (the pricing is all out in the open because we don't like sneaky stuff) and contact us if you wish for more details. We'll be right here… streaming Netflix documentaries and reading up on the best way to get zombie blood out of wedding dresses.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We cater to Offbeat Brides and Grooms by having Geoff grow his beard as long as possible in order to give you "cool photographer street cred" at your wedding. Just kidding. Kind of. But in all seriousness – we're a little strange and we like our couples to be a little strange. We want and embrace couples who love photography, each other, lots of color, tattoos and beards, dinosaurs, and humor. Those are the people that really jive with us and who we end up forcing our friendship upon. We want you to have the best day of your life at your wedding, and we want to be the people to capture it in a way where we fit into your family, friends, and bridal party seamlessly. You're a little bit crazy, we're a little bit crazy, and together your pictures will be filled with quirky humor and love. We cater to Offbeat Brides and Grooms by trying to bait in couples with our photos who are fun, relaxed people to be around who have the ability to be goofy and lighthearted as well as enjoy the occasional obscure Star Wars reference from Geoff.

"Excuse my language but… no shit these guys photograph for a living! They are too insanely talented to be doing anything else. In all seriousness though, we knew what we were getting — we saw the amazing pictures they had produced in the past, were confident in their abilities after meeting them, and still ultimately… we were blown away. Not only did they capture our day beautifully, they showed up with a smile, helped us navigate through not-so-ideal weather, kept us on time and truly just added to the party. And the award for MVP of our wedding day goes to… Carolyn Scott Photography" – Sarah and Paul

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