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Hello, my name is Carly and I make beautiful photos. Chemistry is my favorite thing to photograph. A lopsided look, a belly laugh, a face-smashing kiss… That's what I look for and that's what I capture. I photograph weddings and love stories. I love it and man alive, I think I'm pretty dang good at it.

When I asked my 2012 Offbeat Bride, Lisa, what she loved about planning her wedding, she replied, "Carly, we didn't want to buy a wedding. We wanted to make a wedding!" These words have stayed with me since I first heard them and it's the attitude that separates the knock-your-socks-off weddings from the seemingly forgettable ones. Weddings that are made as perfect reflections of two people in love. Their story, their humor, their passions — all of it combined to create a unique, emotionally vibrant, and unforgettable story.

Whoever you are — quirky geek chic, retro funk, bohemian country, or tattooed rock-n-roll — I want to know you and tell your story like no one else can. Because like you, I make wedding photos, I don't just take them.

I live in Seattle but travel often for destination weddings. I've gone from Washington to California, New York, and Puerto Rico, and all the way back again! I'll go wherever your story wants to take me. I have special offers for weekday elopements and any wedding taking place between November and April. Get in touch to take advantage of these special rates!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I have a different approach to weddings and it starts with the relationship I develop with my couples. So much so, by the time your wedding day arrives, your guests assume you simply asked your really good friend to photograph your day. And that's how I like it. I like to call myself a "photo ninja assassin", capturing moments before anyone even realizes I was there to capture it! Meanwhile, I'm with you the whole day, your photographer and your friend. Because if I'm going to be your "shadow", I'm going to foster our relationship from the moment you hit "send" on that first email.

My Offbeat couples are artists, even if it may not be their "day job". Each decision they make for their wedding is a personal and artistic reflection of who they are. Tea length dresses, suspenders and bow ties, Marie Antoinette themed Pinterest boards… Those are just a few examples of what my couples bring to the wedding table.

I support all lifestyles and complexes. Wild, crazy, friendly, weird, spontaneous, stupendous, adventurous — I truly love you all.

"If there is one thing that really helped me have a successful wedding, it was finding Carly Bish. Photography was important to me, since it lasts forever. And Carly has reasonable pricing for unbelievably full service. She helped me find all of my other vendors, and talked me through all sorts of wedding planning issues other than just photography. And then–the photos! WOW! I have never thought of myself as a photo-worthy girl, but Carly brought out the best in me and my husband. I am beyond thrilled at all the beautiful and imaginative shots that Carly took of us on our wedding day and in our engagement photo shoot. I am sincerely glad that I found Carly, and couldn't imagine how this wedding would have turned out with another photographer. Over the course of wedding planning, I have come to think of Carly as a friend in addition to a spectacular vendor. Thank you for everything, Carly!" – Beth, an Offbeat Bride

10% off weekday elopement package and any wedding taking place between the months of November and April.

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