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Camokix helps couples wear what they love! We are one of the leading online retailers of camo, hunting, and outdoor inspired wedding rings as well as gifts and decorations. We think it’s so special when couples choose to add details to their wedding to celebrate their love of camo, the outdoors, and hunting. Tradition is something to be proud of and that’s why Camokix encourages couples to be true to who they are and what’s in their blood!

With our uniquely curated online collection of wedding bands, gifts and decor, we exist to help you find the perfect something special for yourself or someone special. We proudly carry genuine outdoor inspired wedding bands for men and women in various licensed camouflage patterns, real exotic wood, animal tracks, rugged styles, and even tire tread designs. We also have a collection of classic and faith rings.

Take note that these rings are far from ordinary! They are crafted and designed by leading jewelry manufacturers in the United States using popular alternative metals like Titanium, Black Zirconium, Cobalt Chrome, Vitalium, and Black Ceramic. They are tough, scratch resistant and hypoallergenic so they won't bend or tarnish. They’re bound to last a lifetime!

Each ring is made to order, so please allow 2-5 weeks for production (depending on the style and manufacturer) and expect a great warranty to come with it!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We know some couples want to stand out while wearing what they love… and that’s what Camokix wants too! If hunting, the outdoors, and wearing camo is a big part of who you are, then don’t hold back! Be unique and add splashes of camo to your wedding! Our rings are exactly what you have been hunting for and we promise, the hunt will be over!

We also want to make it easier for outdoorsy couples to find unique ring styles and compare them online. We’ve carefully selected the best rings that not only look great, but are sure to withstand different kinds of conditions and environments — especially for people who love being outdoors and hunting!

In addition to shopping for unique wedding bands and gifts, Camokix also shares inspirational photos of engagements, weddings, and DIY projects. We welcome all things country, burlap, rustic, and of course camo because it is our mission to celebrate couples that wear what they love and provide inspiration for others.

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We rarely offer any discount at all but we freakin love Offbeat Brides and wanted to offer a special 10% off ring orders, or any order over $99 for that matter, regardless of what you buy. Use Promo Code OFFBEATCAMO at checkout for a limited time.

Examples of my work

You’ll find our vast collection of wedding, engagement, and/or anniversary rings as well as a few gifts and decorations at You can see beautiful love stories at so please explore and be inspired!

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