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Although I am a professional pastry chef (and I love my job!), my real passion is designing colorful wedding stationary and other graphic arts projects for quirky couples.

I got into the biz in a round-about way… I majored in Medieval Art and History in college. And since there was absolutely NO practical use for my major, I went into cooking for a living, ha! But the one practical course I did take at college was a calligraphy class. I've always loved the pageantry and spectacle of the Middle Ages, and I'm convinced that I was a manuscript illuminator in a past life. So I combined my loves and my skills to offer calligraphy services and custom designed, one-of-a-kind wedding and special events invitations.

Now, if you are afraid of color, and of standing out in a crowd, my stuff is not for you. This is not your mother's white wedding! But if you love color, want something no one else has, and plan to put on a party that your guests will never forget, I'm the gal that can design the invites that will get your guests buzzing long before the party even begins.

Oh, and BTW, if you live on Cape Cod, I can make you a killer wedding cake!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

I’ve been weird all my life. I was weird when it was cool to be weird, and I was weird when it was weird to be weird! So whatever your little heart desires, I won’t think it’s strange and I can design it for you. That’s the beauty of starting with a blank sheet of paper. Don’t get me wrong, I can do the mildly strange, but I love the challenge of designing something completely off-the-wall. I work closely with my clients until we have come up with a design that is just exactly what is wanted. I believe that, if you are going to go to all the bother and expense of having a wedding, you should do it your way & have a party that will be talked about for generations. If you don’t completely embarrass your kids when you talk about your wedding, you haven’t done it right, IMO. Ha!

However, weird doesn’t have to be tacky. I use the finest cardstock, offer designs that are strange but strangely elegant, & aim to create a product that will impress your guests (& even your parents!) with your exquisite (if a bit offbeat) taste.

"I about pissed myself… you did a beautiful job, which is why I told Ray that I’d like to get you to do the thanks you cards, in the same Celtic design and font and wording."
–Francine & Ray

Mention that you are a reader of OBB, and I will take 10% off the total price of a complete wedding package (which includes invite, invite envelope with return address, RSVP card, RSVP envelope with pre-printed address, and guest addressing service.)

Examples of my work

Although my first love is for Medieval/Renaissance weddings, I have done lots of other themes, including LOTR, Victorian and Steampunk, Transformers, Pre-Raphaelite, Art Nouveau and Elven, Fairy, Autumn, Snowflake, and many others.

My customers seem very happy with the jobs I do for them: “It's fabulous, I absolutely love it!!! I really really like them, they're exactly what I want! I sent them to my fiancé as well, but I'm sure he'll like them too…because if I'm happy, he's happy, lol.” Jessi Frantz–White Tree Celtic invite

“The artwork came today. We are speechless! I’m simply amazed and proud of the document you produced. This is without a doubt an item he will cherish….. Be certain that I will recommend you!” Alexander Ganzy—Letters of Patent

You can see a bunch of my designs on my website. But you are not restricted to what I have posted on my site; everything I do is custom designed, so you are limited only by your imagination!


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