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I take a unique approach to each wedding I photograph, taking into account the personality, style and wishes of each couple, and adjusting my approach to best fit your needs. Generally, my style is documentary — posing when necessary, but always looking for the perfect candid moment. I specialize in creative off-camera lighting, allowing for more flattering and creative lighting effects than many other photographers can offer. In the end, my goal is simple — to create beautiful images of your wedding day in a way you will cherish and that honors who you are.

I have always marched to the beat of my own drum — from attending a high school without walls where I literally played drums (hand and kit), to working on an organic garlic farm with Zen Buddhists, to elder care with a Chippewa medicine woman. The path that brought me to this place and profession has been winding, but I have always loved the arts and been an observer of human expression and emotion. It's only fitting that I ended up a documentary wedding photographer — for me it is the perfect job. The variety of religions, cultures and personal expressions of the couples I photograph are almost infinite, and I find it quite beautiful. I would love to meet in person to answer any questions you might have and hear more about your plans. I am honored to be a part of each wedding day I photograph, and would love to be a part of yours.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

No two weddings are the same, and the best ones to photograph are the ones with LOTS of personality. I don't view eccentric people as an oddity, and I certainly don't think there is anything strange about making your wedding an expression of who you are and how you feel about your partner. Quite the opposite, I view the unusual weddings as the good ones.

I specialize in candid photography and off-camera lighting. If you give me an idea, fully formed or not, I will help you turn it into a cool photograph. I have lots of equipment, but if I don't have what we need to realize your creative vision, I will gladly build, rent or jerry-rig a solution. I was a sculpture student for 3 years and ran a building material salvage store for 4 years. Improvising is my thing.

Asa did everything I needed and more! … At the site, he was beyond helpful and was a stealth ninja … Creative and fun, Asa worked with me and gave out fabulous suggestion and was easy going and flexible through it all! I have already recommended him to a few friends! – Lisa Feidler

Examples of my work

"By Asa Photography … at any location in the DMV metro area."

On my website I advertise that I specialize in off-camera lighting at any location in the DMV metro area, and I mean it. I have shot in dive bars, on hiking trails, in coordination with the the snipers on top of the White House, in abandoned buildings, under freeway overpasses, on rivers and in swamps, with clients on rooftops, in straight jackets and in tutus. I am always looking for a new challenge and I would love to take your engagement or bridal pictures somewhere truly unique.

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