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Burlap & Rose WeddingsGetting married is a radical, sacred act, and we are here to help guide you on this special journey. Our mission is to honor the experience and create a meaningful and memorable wedding for you and your loved ones. We offer: inclusive and reasonable rates, along with mindful wedding consulting and coaching. We specialize in not only wedding planning/coordinating, but also design and florals as well!

In addition, we offer many additional values than most traditional wedding planners, in that our team is almost like a wedding doula. The average wedding planning period is about 9-10 months, about the same time it takes to hatch a baby! Much like a pregnancy doula, we are there to guide you through the process by helping you when you feel overwhelmed and making sure the experience is uniquely tailored to you!
Lastly, not only do we have our own in-house team, we also work closely with a Collective of Planners + Designers called the LoveSpell Collective.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

From our Founder Jen: "I cater to offbeat couples by having been one myself, so I know where you are coming from and I understand that you want something a little different." We have a strong dedication to affordability along with multicultural inclusion and diversity, as evidenced by our team of entrepreneurial women from many different backgrounds. We especially love working with multicultural/multiracial couples and people who identify as LGBTIA/Queer, body-positive, feminist, quirky, and… frankly anyone on the OFFBEAT spectrum!

"Where do I begin with Jen? Investing in Burlap & Rose was the best money we spent in planning our wedding – I wish we connected sooner! We planned an intimate wedding just outside of Joshua Tree….from Michigan. I figured that with the Internet and a small group that we didn't need help. Wow was I wrong!

From our first call Jen was so warm and personable and followed up faster than any other prospective coordinator. I knew I'd love working with her. Jen went above and beyond by reaching out to vendors, visiting the venue to figure out furniture layout, to giving me advice on various small details. We also enlisted her to do our florals! When we finally saw the tables + ceremony setup I was in awe. Jen styled the most beautiful setting! I knew it would be lovely, but it really exceeded our expectations." Diane

Any Offbeat Bride who mentions this ad will get $250 off any package price listed on my site, for both 2017 AND 2018 weddings! In addition, any brides booking "off-season"(November-February) weddings with our team will receive an additional $250, for a total discounted rate of $500! What a deal– only for OBB!!

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