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Brella Ceremonies offers customized ceremonies that reclaim ritual and let you celebrate in a space whose rules you make.

Whatever your background, whatever family means to you, I want to help you make and experience something you’ll remember forever. We’ll take what resonates, create what we can’t find, and toss the rest!

I have a Masters from Harvard Divinity School, and I’m a Life-Cycle Celebrant with the Celebrant Institute and Foundation. I’m a poet and writer and a reader – I know what words can do. I’m also a queer woman who wanted my own wedding to centre my chosen glitter family as well as honour my blood family, and whose experience making that a reality is what drew me to this work.

I'm based in Toronto, but am happy to travel to surrounding areas. If the timing works out, I've married folks on trips to Montreal and would be totally into exploring something like that again!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Building your wedding should be about creating a sacred space, telling some stories, and being with the people we love. I’m here to help you made that real.

I come to this work through my own transformative experience of getting hitched. One moment stands out in the whirlwind that was that day, five years ago. My sweetie and I have this tradition where each year we write the things we’re grateful for on small rocks, and we throw them into Lake Ontario to mark the new year. We’ve adapted this for our ceremony, and our officiant invites everyone present to write a message, a wish, or a blessing for us on their own rock. Dear friends gather the rocks from everyone present as we sign our names to the registry, and this path is made for us, framed and held in place by all these words from all the people we love. We’ve put these stones in different places in our lives – our first home together, my sweetie’s hometown, my parents’ farm… and they ground us.

In my work with people celebrating their relationships, my goal is to get at what’s meaningful, real, and magical for you. I get to know you, and together we co-craft a ceremony that invites the people you love into your world. I’ve married people in restaurants, barns, and fields; I’ve honoured the living, the dead, and the cats; I’ve involved grandparents, chosen family, a bride with a babe in her arms; I’ve planned long distance over skype and face-to-face over coffee.

"With a baby crawling around we didn't have a lot of time for wedding planning, and we lived 6000 km from our wedding destination and all of our family! Sarah helped us make a ceremony that was as unique and beautiful as our little family unit.
Britt and Dan Fitzgreen

We had thought about having a wedding for a long time, but couldn’t quite imagine an event that would suit us. We are so thrilled about how our ceremony turned out—it was so much fun, and it felt true to us—and it just would not have been possible without Sarah." –  
Cathy Humes and Geoff Pearce

Examples of my work

I love working with folks who want to be married or otherwise celebrate and share their relationships with the people who are important to them. I am also excited to work with people across the lifespan to mark important moments, be they baby namings, gender transitions, home creations, celebrations of life, book births, or whatever you want celebrated!

You can learn more at my website and check out my reviews on Wedding Wire.

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