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We are a quirky, fun team of wedding coordinators (with maybe a death eater or two in the mix) and we are fighting for sanity and equality everywhere. Those of you non-traditional types, however you define it, we hear you and we are one with you. Let’s work together to keep you sane, keep your sense of humor in check, and remind you that it’s okay and expected to swear while planning your wedding.

We believe that your wedding will be an amazing, emotional, important day, but we will be there to remind you that it's just the beginning of your journey (sanity check, yo). We understand that not everyone wants to plan a wedding; some of you just want to get married. We will cheer you on, help you relax, and remind you to laugh, enjoy the moments, and to tell your partner you love them more than the wedding. Hit us up, my friends, and chill the fuck out. We got this.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We believe that hair is for coloring, tattoos are fascinating, and we are most comfortable when everyone just gets their geek on. That little twist of funky and non-traditional you’re thinking about? Let’s own that shit!

If you start a question with “do we have to …” our answer is most likely going to be no. This is YOUR day. If that means a light saber exit, zombie attire, or some fire spinning, then all the better. That’s how we roll.

"Bec is not just a wedding planner, she's a fairy godmother making all your wedding wishes and ridiculous wedding wants come true. So glad I had her on my side! If you don't get her, you should just elope."

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Are you a little overwhelmed with all this wedding planning stuff? We have a 30 day consulting package that can help you with everything from honing in on your vision and how to get started, to keeping your head on straight as the months of planning time turn into weeks and days. 30% off our 30-day consulting fee when you mention Offbeat Bride and make us laugh make us laugh make us laugh!!

Can't afford a day of wedding coordinator? We will sit down with you and your volunteer of choice about 30 days before your wedding and go through our pre-wedding planning meeting so you can absorb all our wisdom. $30% off for Offbeat Bride readers who email us with the coolest thing you plan to do together once your wedding is in the books! This can be done via skype, which means you can be based anywhere in the world as long as you have good wi-fi!

Elopements are SO IN right now. We are not trend setters, by far, but we do love a good story. Being able to wrap your love story into one amazing, beautiful, heartfelt hour is probably one of the coolest things we get to do. So we've decided to set aside a few days a year for this very thing! We currently have Pop-Up Elopement dates set in Seattle, WA and Little Rock, AR (and we're joining forces with some other kick ass Offbeat Bride vendors to boot!) – where else should we go?! We're open to suggestions and ideas and would love your input! Hit us up if you are interested in booking one of these sessions.

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