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My name is Bieje and I provide in-home dance lessons for unique wedding couples as well as fun dance activities at receptions and rehearsal dinners. I have been doing this for over 15yrs. But why no studio? Well, I still teach in studio's but in my years of teaching wedding couples I have noticed that there is an ongoing theme of travel stress to and from appointments and limited space available at many dance facilities.

I am happy to offer lessons at rentable locations but why not have a lesson in the comfort of your own home? In addition, I am a performing artist, I practice Tarot (for myself) and resonate strongly with Pagan and mindfulness activities, so I am excited to get to know all my Offbeat Brides out there and offer my skills to my tribe. Did I mention I am also a Star Wars fan?

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Dance is a higher form of communication and I serve as a guide to help couples find their unique language together. Some couples language is full of laughter and some full of passion, and then others are full of deep gratitude, but whatever your energy is together the idea is to have fun while discovering it.

"Bieje is a fantastic instructor for couples with all levels of dance training. She is a positive, encouraging, and experienced instructor. My fiance, who is not a dancer, now LOVES ballroom dance because of her! We can't wait until our next lesson!" – Jennifer and John

I would love to offer $100 off any 10 lesson package for any Offbeat Bride couples. Just say you found me here.

Examples of my work

One of my fave couples to have worked with was Jen and John Mulhern. Jenn taught Pilates and dance to children and was an avid musical theatre buff, and John was an art teacher with no dance experience. It can be very intimidating for one of the pair to learn when he hasn't ever stepped foot in dance shoes. But, they made this easy for me, I have to say. They picked the song "Cheek to Cheek", and if you know the song then you'll know how goofy and sweet it is.

Through our lessons we created a little storyline, or rather, they did just by being themselves. In between showing them both a simple box step or underarm turn Jenn and John would relax and play a bit to the side. When Jenn got swept away by the music I would catch it and say, "Yes, do that turn there!" and when John would make a funny face I would stop him and suggest, "Add a hand gesture that." What we ended up with was a tableau of how Jenn and John interact with each other in daily life; funny, elegant, quirky, theatrical and affectionate.


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