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Who are we? We are a little bit of rock 'n' roll mixed in with old school hip hop with a dose of '80s music thrown in! We are HUGE fans of Steampunk, Doctor Who, the world of comics (Batman and Wonder Woman rule!), and rescuing animals (we have 5 cats and a dog). And we totally embrace our geekiness and are known for the theme parties we throw!! We travel any chance we get and LOVE to explore new places — even it's in our own city. We love what we do and feel like the luckiest couple ever! And We LOVE our clients!

We also strongly believe in being as green and socially responsible company as possible, and take steps daily to continue that process. We TOTALLY support same sex marriage and think it is BS that it is even an issue. Love is a basic human right and knows no boundaries!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Al and I have a passion for what we do. We view ourselves as artists there to capture all your special moments that are unique to you. We are down-to-earth, energetic, wedding professionals! We formed BG right after we got married 8 years ago (WOW — cant believe it has been that long!) and a lot of what we base our business approach on is based on the experiences we had. We too were an Offbeat Bride and an Offbeat Groom!

Rather than a "one size fits all" philosophy, we get to really know our clients and what makes them unique. We don't take a traditional approach to wedding photography and videography. We capture the little things that truly tell the couple's story. We love working with Offbeat Brides and Grooms who instill whimsy into their wedding, whether it's a full sci-fi themed wedding, a vintage DIY wedding, or subtle hints here and there.

Our approach is a photojournalist style. But that being said, we still make sure we get all the posed immediate family pics you want. However, we love to capture all the funky shots… and candids ROCK! I am usually on the floor at some point and on a chair if allowed by the venue. And don’t be surprised if you see me sling my camera over my shoulder for a quick dance with the bride!! Al can be seen with his video camera high over head on the dance floor and often using his glide cam for all those really smooth shots, capturing moments you don’t even know happened! And no worries here either: the video isn’t going to look like your parent's wedding video! With Al’s approach to filming with Nikon lenses, to his editing style, this modern wedding film will be more like your own special movie of the day.

"Words cannot describe how wonderful BG Productions are. They captured the most intimate and special moments so breathtakingly! Thanks to them we can now look back at our photos and video and remember each moment. We couldn’t be happier choosing them to capture the biggest day of our lives." -Frances
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