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You know what's the absolute worst? Boring wedding favors. People are over the color-coordinated Jordan almonds. EVERYONE has a few dusty personalized champagne flutes or wine glasses from a wedding long forgotten in the back of their closet. Even the outside the box favors– the paper fans, the miniature tea sets, the plant-a-trees– have been done. They're tired. They're dated. They're sooo 2011.

But you know what NEVER goes out of style? Humor. Plucky, on-point humor with a heaping dose of sass and dazzle. Maybe even a choice four-letter-word, to make sure we're not taking ourselves too seriously. Your friends– those women who are about to stand at the altar with you in skintight satin and endure the three readings you have planned– they have been through some shit. They've had your back.

Get your best bitches some swag that says "I love you, and I get you" right along with “thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Get them some Chill the Fuck Out bath bombs, or else a set of Mango Mofo body butters. At least spring for the sixlet of lip balm favors, named, Spice Girls-style, for your friends’ best personality traits: Zen Motherpucker, Zesty Motherpucker, Red Hot Motherpucker.

Get them for bachelorette party treats, shower favors, or go big and equip the whole wang dang wedding with funny-ass Badgerface treats. We have men’s products, too. It’s all there, it’s all hilarious, and it’s all-natural.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Badgerface Beauty Supply is all about the shake up. It's fresh, it's cheeky. It probably isn't for your granny– unless she's one seriously feisty old lady. Badgerface products are for brides– or anyone, really– who's tired of the same old, same old cheesy wedding favors and ready to have some FUN.

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