AstroWed: The Universe's Most Kickass Wedding Planning Workbook

AstroWed: The Universe's Most Kickass Wedding Planning Workbook

Holy sh*t! You’re engaged! Your heart starts to race. You feel terribly overwhelmed. Now what?

Enter AstroWed, Earth’s first space-themed wedding-planning workbook ready to make those checklists work FOR you rather than AGAINST you. Written, designed, and illustrated by Stacey Dyer, AstroWed stems from her experience planning her own offbeat wedding, her knowledge from the tech industry, and combines humor with Bill Nye the Science Guy-like know-how.

“AstroWed has a sharp, comedic voice that delivers helpful processes and fills couples-to-be with confidence. Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life — not the most stressful!”

The AstroWed framework is the key to wedding-planning sanity. It’s ready to help you with the HOW behind every wedding to-do, not just the WHAT.

Inside this groom-, bride-, and LGBTQ-friendly workbook you’ll learn:

  • How and why to cross out all the to-dos that don’t matter to you
  • How to make stress-free decisions when it comes to your wedding
  • How to use the Priority Galaxy
  • How to fend off evil brain-sucking ’Zillas
  • Why there’s a bird in a space helmet yelling, “Remember: THIS IS YOUR WEDDING!”

You’ll also find:

  • Timeline-based clusters of worksheets
  • Blank worksheets for you and your vendors, to help truly make this wedding YOURS

What AstroWed doesn’t offer, and why it’s like a mullet:

It doesn't have fluff or filler, nor will it throw so many to-dos at you that you don’t know where to start. AstroWed is streamlined, focused, and simple to use. Think of this workbook like a friendly wedding-planning mullet: How-to-use-this-framework in the front (business), worksheets in the back (party!).

Get your rocket boosters ready to liftoff and launch into YOUR wedding universe today!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

AstroWed's space-themed wedding planning framework is dual purpose:
1) Who doesn't love space adventures?
2) Space knows no gender.

AstroWed is groom-, bride-, partner-, LGBTQ-, and even wedding-party-people-friendly. It's here to do the thinking for you and ultimately relieve as much of that wedding stress as possible. If you've been looking for a wedding workbook that leaves the girly-bride-only details at the door, AstroWed just might be right for you.

"I'd recommend the sh*t out of this to my clients"
— S. Ilene, Wedding Photographer

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