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Hola! Me llamo Angel! Como esta usted? And that's about all I remember from high school Spanish. For those of you that don't speak Spanish, I'm Angel, the head honcho of Angel Kidwell Photography. I grew up wanting to be a photographer (nothing specific, because kids don't usually think that way) living in New York City, single, and kid-less. Now look at me: wedding photographer, living in the 'burbs, married, AND FOUR KIDS! I wouldn't have it any other way. Although I'm still working on the hubby about the NYC thing. 🙂

I gravitated towards wedding photography instantly, and it's not because of all the pretty or unique touches that couples have fun planning. I love the story. I love having the privilege of getting a peek into other people's lives on a day that they have looked forward to all their life. It's the people that makes each wedding unique and special to me.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

That's a hard one. To me, that sounds like treating a type of person differently when most of the time the "different" couple just wanted to be treated like normal. A couple could be covered from head to toe in tattoos and want a "normal" traditional wedding. A "normal" person (and really, what is that?) could want to walk down the aisle in a red wedding dress to "The Final Countdown." I'll love every bit of it, because that's how you've chosen to express your wedding day story. I'll shoot the shit out of it just the same. Just as much energy. Just as much heart.

"Angel provided us with the most heartfelt photos of our wedding, every look, every smile, every touch. She has such a keen sense of capturing emotion, and I re-live my wedding day by looking at our pictures. Angel captures the moment like no one else."
Clare J.

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