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Amore Crystals

The wedding ceremony of two conscious beings should be blessed with positive, loving energy. There is no better way then with the healing power of a crystal wand. Amore Crystals makes beautiful, customized crystal wand and boutonniere sets for that perfect wedding day. The customized wand will be used for years to come and put on display to remember that special day.

Amore Crystals utilizes the protective, healing qualities of crystals and stones to create a wedding wand and boutonniere set just for you. The wand is made with clear quartz stones, conductive copper, leather, lace, and feathers and adorned with additional healing stones you choose. The boutonniere matches the wand with same leather, feathers and stones. Order your beautiful, protective crystal wand and boutonniere set today.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Crystals are beautiful and have protective, healing qualities. Energize your unity ceremony with an amazing crystal wand and boutonniere set. All wands are made to order with customizations based on your wedding theme, belief systems or lifestyle (vegans are included!). Choose the colors, materials and stones that will make your ideal wand set.

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