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What an exciting time, so much to do and so little time to do it all. Choosing a wedding officiant to make your wedding ceremony as stress-free as possible is easy. Can you say yes to any of the following statements?

  • We are a non-traditional couple and want a non-traditional ceremony to reflect our interests.
  • We are looking for an offbeat unique ceremony that is just as geeky and offbeat as we are.
  • We need a wedding officiant in North Carolina, Virginia, or South Carolina
  • We know the wedding ceremony and our vows are the most important part of our wedding day but we don't know where to begin.
  • Our wedding is themed and we want our ceremony to reflect our theme.
  • We know what we want in our ceremony but aren’t sure of exactly how to make it flow
  • We are atheist, agnostic or humanist and don't know how to find a wedding officiant who will respect our choices.
  • We want to be sure our ceremony is done by an experienced professional and will be legal.
  • We are a same sex couple and want to be honored and treated with dignity by our officiant.
  • We come from two very different faith backgrounds or cultures and want to respectfully honor both during our ceremony.
  • We don't know a lot about planning a ceremony and need someone with a lot of resources available to help us.

If you said yes to one or more of these statements, then you are exactly the couple we are looking for! All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad are the area's best wedding officiants. We perform ceremonies across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We work with couples from all backgrounds. Each couple has complete control over the words that are said on their wedding day. We work together with you to be sure you're completely satisfied with your wedding ceremony before we ever say the first word. We provide resources, right on our website, to help you plan your ceremony and know what you need to do on your wedding day.

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

You get to decide if you are Offbeat! We don’t label or define people or relationships. You have complete control of your ceremony, we make suggestions and provide resources and a draft. You let us know what you like, what you want changed and we make it happen for you!

You want your wedding ceremony to be Dr. Who meets Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones meets Star Wars meets Super Heroes meets Hunger Games? YEAH! We can do that! No idea is too geeky, weird or off beat to be the central theme of your wedding ceremony. So, you want your ceremony to be a mix of all the geeky things you love? We have done weddings where it all flows and blends beautifully regardless of the genre of movie, comics, games, or books. Or, if your love of cars is a vital part of your relationship, we can drive the point home during your ceremony.

We are willing to dress to suite your theme. Past couples have asked that we wear bibbed overalls, Renn-inspired clothing, Santa suit (seasonal only), witches outfit, Norse themed, and steampunk.

We also work with couples to blend religious and cultural backgrounds. Our goal is to have each religion and culture authentically reflected and honored equally. At no time will one override the other. Atheist, humanist, agnostic, Pagan, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Bahá'í, are all faith backgrounds we have worked with.

Unique locations for weddings are some of our favorites! Liz did the very first ceremony in front of the shark tank at The Greensboro Science Center Aquarium. We have found covered bridges for simple elopements, hiked to special waterfalls, performed ceremonies on the family farm, even pool side at the couple’s apartments or the baseball field for the community league the couple plays for.

We can do all of this and maintain a traditional format and feel for the ceremony or make it completely out of the box while keeping the legally required portions there.

"Amazing couple. I couldn't have imaged someone better to officiate our Disney themed wedding. I recommend 100% They were fun and very professional. I love how they make the ceremony fit to the couple. We wanted a fun non-traditional and they nailed it!" – Susan

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Examples of my work

It is difficult to show in photos a truly unique spoken ceremony. So often the couple wants the ceremony to look like a rather traditional ceremony while totally reflecting their love, beliefs and interests. We can do this for you! You can see us in action on our website. We also have examples of many of the themed ceremonies we have done on our website. Our resource section of the website also shows the many ways we can help you have the ceremony that truly reflects you and your relationship. We provide readings, quotes, vows and suggestions for writing your own vows. All these things are at your disposal to make certain your ceremony is uniquely yours.

Some of our original writing includes comparison of how marriage is like fishing for a couple whose hobby was going fishing and visiting aquariums. Jessica and Hoy’s love was reflected in the ceremony with these words “While marriage is a lot like fishing, something I know you both enjoy, it is important to remember this is not catch and release! This is the Big Catch! This is the one that did not get away. Marriage and fishing both require a license. However, your marriage license, unlike your fishing license, is good for life! Both are learned on the job!” Their ceremony was held in front of the shark tank of the local aquarium.
Aubrey and Chris’s ceremony reflected their love of everything Disney. Their closing words were taken from their favorite characters.

“Aubrey and Chris, as we near the end of this ceremony, I would like to leave you with a few words of wisdom from some of your favorite characters.

As Pocahontas said, “Listen with your heart, you will understand.” So always keep an open heart.
As Tarzan said, “From this day and forward you will be in my heart.” So, treat each other with tenderness. Protect each other’s heart, for that is where you are………”

No matter what you want in your ceremony, we find ways to say, “Sure, let’s do that!”


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