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Hello there,

Let’s tell you a bit about us, Christina and Jake. First off, we’re not wedding photographers. We are Boudoir, Dudeoir, Pin-up, Maternity, and Transformations photographers. We specialize in these things. We have created a beautiful studio in downtown Walnut Creek dedicated to this purpose. We knocked down walls, put in new floors, and built sets. We stocked our new playground with furnature, clothing, accessories, and lights, so many lights. We love to shoot with real sets, live plants, full size beds, vintage couches, and windows. We even have life-size vintage barn doors on our outdoor patio.

We pride ourselves on being both creative an meticulous. When you come to our studio, our space is your space. We will spend the time and energy to create amazing images of and for you. You can expect to be in the studio for 2.5-3 hours.

Our session process:
You sit down in our dressing room for hair and makeup. This usually takes about an hour and includes lashes if you want them. This is also a good time to discuss want you are looking for, toss around ideas with Christina, and enjoy a complementary drink. We will discuss the ideas and come up with a final plan for Jake to set up lighting.

After hair and makeup we will go through at least 3 sets/wardrobe changes. Christina is a creative director and will guide you through posing and make sure we are capturing your best angles. Jake will make sure lighting and depth of field are on point. We use an iPad wirelessly connected to our camera so both of us can see the photos in real time and make posing/light adjustments on the fly.

After the shoot is wrapped up, and before you leave, we’ll give you a preview of some of our favorite images so you have an idea of what to expect. We will generally have your edited photos for your viewing in less than a week

See you soon!

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How I cater to Offbeat Brides

We are a completely inclusive studio, and we pride ourselves on creating beautiful images for anyone and everyone. We work with individuals or couples of all genders and orientations. Gorgeous has many forms, it’s our goal to capture them in each person we work with.

Our space is both private and secure. We don’t pack our schedule, so the only people you will see at our studio is us and you will have our full attention!

"I couldn't have had a better experience with Christina and Jake! They are so professional, and easy going! The environment is clean and very classy. What I loved the most was how much time Christina and Jake spent taking every shot and making them look perfect!" – Mariela Martinez

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