A La Carte Albums


After your wedding did you get just a disc and a smile from your photographer? Or perhaps a collection of files from friends and family, that are still sitting unprinted on your hard drive two years later? Or maybe your grand scrapbooking plans haven't come to fruition because you just plain ran out of DIY energy? Let me make (or help you make) an awesome album.

I have years of experience working in post-production and album design at an award-winning boutique photography studio, and now I can offer these same services to you: à la carte Albums offers custom design (no cheesy templates, ever) and access to the finest printing and bookbinding. The companies I work with to produce albums are strictly to-the-trade, and produce a finer product than consumers can access. I've assembled a range of options to fit almost every budget, and want to work with you to tell your story with a book you'll still be happy to show people 50 years from now.

I will treat your images as though I had been your photographer — which means if they need a little love, from color correction to retouching, each will get my personal attention before they are printed, and you will receive the enhanced files back for your own printing.

I also offer DIY "helper" services for folks who are comfortable making their own books, but have gotten stuck in few spots.

How I cater to Offbeat Brides

Every book is custom; I start with your images and your personal style and let the book grow naturally from there. I don't believe in "one size fits all."

I know that budgets come in lots of shapes and sizes, and I've worked with them all; all my books are high quality, but with a range from affordable to luxe. There are plenty of vegan, cruelty-free and silver-free options that don't sacrifice looks, and I use recycled materials as much as possible.

For DIYers who just need a little assistance, I offer helper serivces, including collection editing, image editing, retouching, page design, and special materials printing.

I am lgbt-friendly, goth-friendly, geek-friendly, poly-friendly, pagan-friendly — you know, friendly. I've led a fairly offbeat life, and seeing others proudly letting their freak flag fly is a joy. I love getting to see your celebrations, and I just want to help tell your story in the way that fits YOU.

I love working with Offbeat clients — mention that you found me here for a 10% design discount.

Examples of my work

Previously featured on Offbeat Bride:

Other examples:

  • Deb and Mike hired a band photographer to shoot their casual, lake-side wedding. The bride wore brown satin, and what was most important to them for their book was lots of pictures of all of the friends and family who had come from far away — preferably dancing!
  • Tracey and Angela's wedding (on a boat!) was photographed by a team of friends, and they wanted an utterly classic album in modern flush album form.


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