Borrowed by Design

Borrowed by Design "BBD" is an online community for women to rent their formal wear to each other. You can think of us as the AirBnB of fancy dresses! Our concept started out of a need to find a formal dress for a volunteer event and one of our co-founders, Kat, wanted an easy place to find someone built like her to borrow a dress for just one night.


Welcome to Dream, a unique bridal boutique that is fun, elegant, meaningful and all yours! I always wanted to open a bridal boutique due to a sincere desire to create the ultimate bridal experience with the core belief that the day you choose your wedding gown should be as memorable as the day you wear it. I believe when shopping for your dress, you should feel like the bride vs. one of many.

Dianna DiNoble, Starkers Corsetry

Tired of trying on endless gowns that aren't exactly what you want? Frustrated about spending hundreds of extra dollars on alterations? Our bridal corsetry is custom made to your exact design specifications and measurements, so you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you want for your special day. Our corsets are adjustable, and can fit approximately a 10 pound weight fluctuation either way.

Blush Atelier

I like to work with the discriminating bride…the bride who knows who she is and what she wants. When I design and make a gown, I want to make dreams come true. When I alter prêt-à-porter gowns, they fit like bespoke gowns. I add the little details that make the difference between fitting and fabulous!

Crafty Broads LLC

Hi! We're Cindy and Julia! (That's us up there in the photo.) We are a pair of stage managers/costume designers, and after we DIY'd the hell out of our wedding (we made those dresses, among other things), we decided to spin those skills towards helping other people do the same. Since then, we've been making wedding dresses, doing alterations, and planning/coordinating weddings for lots of awesome people. We love all kinds of people and their unique ideas, so we are hoping being here on Offbeat Bride will help us connect with couples doing things a little out-of-the-ordinary. We would especially love to start making some wedding dresses/suits/corsets that are not in the pale section of the color wheel!

a&bé bridal shop

a&bé bridal shop is a new boutique created to support the creative surge happening in weddings across the nation. First and foremost, a&bé supports the up&coming, & the indie, & the creative bridal designers and connects them to brides. Secondly, a&bé gives brides access to something different: we have a little bit of the bohemian, & the casual, & the vintage, & the separates, & the alternative & the romantic.

Blue Sky Bridal

Blue Sky is dedicated to offering you green choices for wedding dresses — selection includes pre-owned contemporary, vintage, reconstructed, and (when available) new sustainably and ethically-made gowns. Blue Sky Bridal's goal is to reduce the number of new dresses made for weddings and to promote eco-friendlier options for gowns and accessories all around.


Designing and making bespoke bridal wear for the bride who is looking for something a little bit different. Whether that’s just a small twist on the traditional ivory gown or a full blown themed wedding dress, from 50’s glamour through to dark gothic, elaborate steampunk or opulent Victorian style.


KMKDesigns is a mother daughter collaboration with over 35 years experience who love creating quality alternative wear. We create clothing for women and men who want to be confident and unique, who are tired of mainstream fashion. We create alternative, steampunk, gothic, retro and fantasy bridal gowns. we also have a line of bridesmaids dress and custom men jackets and vests. We specialize in custom and plus sizing. We make everything locally in our Studio in Stillwater, MN.


Wai-Ching provides green, eco-friendly bridalwear, custom clothing, and kimonos in silk, hemp, and other natural fibers. Upon its debut, Wai-Ching has revolutionized the wedding dress. Using exclusively organic, hand-dyed silk, and trained in the art of couture, Chrissy has created bridal wear that astonishes.

Jasmine Sky Designs

Jasmine Sky Designs is a small, award winning, online-based couture house nestled in the islands of the Florida Keys. We specialize in designing and hand painting custom silk art wear for non-traditional destination beach brides like yourself, who dream of a dress that is relaxed enough for the islands, special enough for your wedding and artful enough to express and enhance your unique beauty and style personality.

Conscious Elegance

Conscious Elegance creates fun to wear, earth-friendly, people-friendly dresses for brides all over the world. Our "People-friendly" ethics mean more than sustainable wedding dresses: we strongly believe that every person has the right to marry their Beloved. We've put great effort into creating Safe Space and all will be welcomed warmly and respected. That's a promise right up front.

Jill Andrews Gowns

I capture elegance, whimsy, sentiments, and transform them into a dress, a slip, a corset. I love the beauty of an exquisite fabric finely draped, the surprise of a pop of color, the drama of an unexpected wedding gown. I bring the tradition of custom dressmaking to modern women. By working with my client as my muse, I create the uniquely perfect piece for her.

Pretty Parlor Bridal Boutique

Pretty Parlor's new Bridal Boutique is located just behind the Parlor and has its very own storefront on Loretta Place. Alongside authentic vintage gowns that date back to the 1920s, we carry darling reproduction dresses by Trashy Diva and Unique Vintage. Our in-house tailor fits your dress to perfection and Anna Banana the owner herself styles the brides with custom headwear, sashes, slips, jewelry & shoes. Vintage veils, petticoats, beaded bags and cake toppers also adorn the boutique.

The Stitchkateer

I have been creating clothing of various kinds for 30+ years. I started with Medieval Historical Recreations, often creating entire outfits from miniature paintings in Medieval Manuscripts, or making best guesses from pictures of fragments of clothing articles found in archaeological digs. In recent years, I decided that I could no longer make a living shuffling papers and following orders. I need to feel like I am making a difference in people's lives.

Zeita Studios

The Zeita Studios team met during academia and bonded through theatre. All with unique talents, backgrounds and personalities, one commonality drew us together: the desire to tell a woman's story through custom clothing. We all firmly believe that a garment should hold a story — we love the life behind vintage garments, refashioned pieces and costumes because they carry a story within the seams or support an overarching theme.

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